Gay, Straight, African American, Hispanic – Sign on Up

Multiculturalism is alive and well – organizations want diverse populations since viewers look decidedly different than those heading the companies that produce and provide the programming.

Take some high up advances – Hollywood Reporter recently reported Paris Barclay is the first person of color and first openly gay leader to be heading up the Directors Guild of America; Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara, is the first Asian-American studio head; SAG-AFTRA’s national executive director David White, is African-American; and gay chieftains are CAA managing director Bryan Lourd and NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt.

Diversity can’t be a checking of the boxes, hey I’ve got 3 African Americans, 2 Hispanics and some LGBTers. Let’s go!

Culture and ethnicities must also entrench diversity of thought. Hiring out of the box approaches and thinkers will make your organization a game changing one.

Here are some strategies:

  • There are no plug and plays anymore – hiring people from different backgrounds from completely different industries may give you the boost you need. Matt Schwartz, President of MJS Executive Search calls this “transformational talent”. Organizations are coming to them with jobs that never existed before and asking for skills that are not organic. For example, Matt recruited a senior executive from Xbox Connect to a vending machine company. Not that is different!
  • Reveal biases – sharing with leadership how to recognize unconscious biases is critical in getting to the aim of real diversity in the workplace. Really it’s quite common for people to have biases, bringing them to the forefront with the intention of altering them is frankly every leaders responsibility.
  • Match diversity to innovation – reward those who are leading with diverse perspectives, seeking out the uncommon and striving to create new paths to success. Oftentimes, organizations are great at being on the cutting edge of diversity with customers – leading with creativity and out of the box thinking for a wide range of market segments. How about being on the cutting edge internally with new ways of ideating and brainstorming, share successes and reward and celebrating.

Take the lead in being on the forefront of diversity of thought, ideation and creation. It’s time organizations were a match for the external cutting edge trends with internal progressive moves. check broken links


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