Too Much Binging, Wait There’s More!

Hollywood Reporter shared that at a recent charitable dinner, actor Will McCormack confided to Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton that he’d recently binged through a Friday Night Lights season in 4 days.

Welcome to the binge! When consumers have the opportunity to watch multiple episodes of a series or many back-to-back viewings. Think Oreo cookie eating jam session swoop.

In the world where binge viewing has become the norm, wouldn’t it be great if you had an on-going environment where each person was providing praise and recognition on an on-going basis? Employees would literally be creating a tipping point of “binge recognition”.

Here’s some strategies to get your binge on:

1) Be specific – when you give a thank you use the following formula:

  • Great – In detail, what did the person do great
  • Continue – What do you want them to continue doing
  • What they want – How do they like to receive praise (e.g. in front of others or privately)
  • Match – connect feedback to values – e.g. if Sarah loves to help people, make sure the thanks ties in with how they like to help others. If Bob has a high value on information, show how his research tied with a great success.
  • Brief –Then give the praise and make it succinct and heartfelt.2)Match praise to goals – if Pamela did a great job in her recent presentation and getting better at organizing a stellar presentation was on her development goals then your thank you should also tie in with what THEY have wanted to achieve.

3)Create the space to say thank you and make it meaningful – saying thank you in a crowded room with little time to really give proper acknowledgment may not be the best place to give praise and gratitude.

      • Acknowledge in real time – waiting several weeks or months to acknowledge someone will give the person you are acknowledging the thought of “huh, what are they talking about?” OR “so happy they remembered!” Especially today with a multi generational workforce, recognition in real time is a key factor in supporting your employees from staying or leaving to go somewhere else.

4)Post positive comments from your clients on an internal blogsite or have a “wall of fame” at the office where client praise is posted.

5) Have 8-minute “huddle ups” each morning either in your department or with other departments to review the most high priority activities for the day. Within that time give high 5 public screaming applause praise to the stars that have been shining.

Also, keep in mind cultural norms when giving gifts. Someone from India may see a thank you very different than someone from China or from Ethiopia.

Before long, praise will simply be seen as the norm, with every single person feeling valued and valuable and wouldn’t that be a game changer?!



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