Good day to all!

For the last year we have been going through a complete and beautiful rebranding process of MindLight Group and have now emerged as The Ready Zone. Through the rebranding process we have rebranded our cosmetic brand and our website from top to bottom. I’m inviting you to visit it and let us know what you think –

You may be wondering, why and why now?

I started MindLight Group almost 20 years ago and not only has the market changed, the media industry certainly has changed, life has changed and my own personal reflections on the world and the workplace has certainly shifted. I woke up one day and realized that while I’ve been helping people for so many years, I wasn’t happy. I started to really question myself and what I was doing – why do I get up in the morning and do what I do? How is my job in alignment with my values and beliefs? Where can I really make a difference? How can I show up in the world and be myself, make a difference in the ways that are important and have the people that I work for make a more expanded difference in their work and their lives?

I put the question in my hands and in my feet. I journaled, hiked on these questions, I walked considering these questions and even climbed a mountain to these questions. At the end, the one word that kept coming to me was “ready.” What I noticed was that I didn’t wake up every day feeling ready and powerful to take on the opportunities and challenges that were at my feet every day, and neither were those I worked with. That’s the funny thing about life and work, it’s all about change.

Change is both inquisition and inquisitor. A lightning bolt of newness and a thunderbolt of terror. Change has no shape because it’s what’s so. Change is what is present for me here and now and who I choose to be and what I do in each moment when faced with newness and the opportunity to create newness.

Change is now relentless for us all and the question I kept coming to was, how can you stand in the face of so much moving and feel ready for the newness that change brings? In this process of reflection I realized that while the industry is moving, the people I work with want to be valued more in basic ways – to be trusted, respected and feel safe to express ideas, to create, to fail and to be real. They want to feel ready and powerful to take on the opportunities and challenges that come their way. Frankly I want the same for me. It’s tough to give what you don’t have. The more I dug into what was meaningful to me as a human, I realized these are the same things that the people I work with want – trust, respect and safety and they want it everywhere not just at home.

Over the last two years I’ve witnessed the industry I know and love – media – change exponentially. There have been mergers and acquisitions, sales, layoffs, blending of teams and the toll I’ve seen it take on people is extraordinary – more than ever before. I’ve worked with thousands of people over the years at hundreds of companies and while the toll on people is extreme, it’s also an opportunistic time to create environments for people to thrive beyond perks and flex time and to bring trust, respect and safety to business as an imperative that is measured, not simply talked about.

Talking is lovely, however doing and demonstrating creates real results and has people feel valued.

That’s where The Ready Zone was born. It’s my company’s commitment and my own personal commitment to creating workplace cultures where trust, respect and safety are as measured and as valued as the bottom line. We measure The Ready Zone by creating six Zone Performance Indicators (ZPIs) so we can really see areas that need to be shored up and those that are strong.

I’m inviting you to visit our new site – and let me know what you think.

Also, I’ve spent many months writing an extremely valuable eBook (my gift to you), titled “Why Your Company’s Bottom Line is NOT Your Top Priority – 6 Eye Opening Strategies to Put People First.”  Download it for free and share your feedback with me.

On a final note, I could not have done this rebrand without the incredible insight and wisdom from mentors, friends and partners – much gratitude to my wife who is a gentle giant among us all Lin Weinberg for her generosity, encouragement, patience, love and unwavering support; my treasured assistant Gabi Morales; my Rockstar branding company; my incredible coach and mentor Kym Dolcimascolo; my mentor Mike Henigman; and dear cherished advisors – Isabelle Mercier + Team, Liz Goodgold, Emma May, Marla Provencio, Steve Kazanjian, Kasumi Mihori, Matt Blanock, Jeff Goldstein, Chris DeFaria, Bill Tobin, Dominique Bazay, Eric Hawkins, Jennifer Shuffer, Scott Murphy, Abhijay Prakash, and Chris Edwards. It takes a village and if I did not mention your name, know you are in my heart and The Ready Zone is a reflection of your wisdom.

With much gratitude and pride, I bring you The Ready Zone. Enjoy! 🙂

Esther Weinberg