The Essentialism of Us

What COVID-19 has surely revealed is that as human beings we simply need each other. Moving from fear to resilience is not a solo job, it’s a community effort. To lean on each other now is going to be what moves us out of this pandemic.

If you move people from fear to a growth mindset, this has an added benefit of moving them into a greater feeling of control, confidence and resilience. Reframe, refocus and realign this time to lean more into your team, as they are leaning into you and be transparent about it. Because we all need each other to move through this time and if you set up a positive environment for people to thrive, guess what – they will!

If you are interested in digging deeper into what we talked about today, the best next step is to fill out our Needs Assessment and I’ll be happy to connect with you. And remember, better leaders, better people, better results.