Boundaries: Yes You Can!

As people are working from home, every day could look the same. One CEO shared that he gets up at 5am, is at work at 5:45am and by 6pm he’s cooked. He’s going non stop. This is a reality for many. If you have kids, then this is even more exacerbated. We are living in a now moment – people want their requests fulfilled now and while work before seemed to run on emergencies, so too today. With so many people wanting your time, it’s tough to know where to put your energy and where to give a strategic “yes” and a strategic “no.” Boundaries have gone out the window and with no boundaries it’s hard to recharge and even to listen to yourself to know what you want, what’s important for you and to have boundaries around what is important.


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It’s impossible to set boundaries without sharing why they are important. E.g. You could share with your boss or assistant; I’m blocking off 5-6pm on my calendar on Fridays to be able to prepare for the week ahead. I’m finding if I don’t segment time aside then my week starts off with what is most emergent rather than what’s most important.


Healthy boundaries take time to put into place. Once you start communicating your boundaries you may get pushback or people may not react well. That’s fine. Don’t see this as a setback – see it as an opportunity to gain insight and improve and clarify your boundary. If you are interested in digging deeper in what we talked about, the best next step is to fill out our Needs Assessment. I’ll be happy to connect with you. And remember…Better Leaders, Better People, Better Results.