Secrets to Leading Under Pressure

What are ways you can lead today regardless of people, situations or circumstances?

It’s a method by which you REFRAME, REFOCUS and REALIGN.

I was facilitating a group recently and they were commenting that recently most of their supervisors are consistently putting upon them unrealistic expectations. Many have gone from an already high volume of workload to it doubling and tripling it. This was a recent phenomenon since COVID-19.

One person shared he had gone from about 100-200 emails in one day to several hundred, basically quadrupling incoming emails. When we looked at how he was communicating with his supervisor what he realized is that we are all collectively going through an inordinate amount of stress and expectations today – on our lives and our work. While COVID-19 has impacted us each differently, every single person globally is being impacted by this.

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His intention for their relationship with his boss was alignment and service. How was he doing so by being upset?  He reframed his upset to lean into curiosity and wonderment – “I wonder what is being asked of my boss?” I wonder what is being put on her plate? I wonder where she has pushed back and not? How is all of this impacting her?”

His focus or refocus became about coaching up – how can he be a supporter to his boss rather than feeling taken advantage of? By opening up his curiosity and leaning into meaningful questions, he can learn more about his boss, be a greater support system and perhaps realign together on refining their priorities. That’s where realignment comes in.

So, when you are triggered too, ask yourself how can I reframe this? How can I refocus now? How can I realign to what my intention is for this relationship and commitment to this person or people. By reconnecting to your original intention it’s also easier to reframe, refocus and realign. These three words reframe, refocus and realign are a practical tool to assist you in feeling powerfully ready to lead no matter the circumstance or situation.

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