The COVID Burnout Factor: 7 Keys from Moving from Stress to Success

During times of mild to extreme change our focus, attention and motivation can get easily compromised and even burnout can also be at an all-time high. While you may be someone who has no issues with working and can plow through regardless of what’s going on around you, it’s not so simple when so much is changing so fast. You may also find that as a doer you may overdo or even surprise yourself when you get stopped.

As organizations move through seismic changes, as we are seeing now, here are things that could be compromising productivity: a lack of information, too much information, lots of meetings, sporadic meetings, managers who lean in, managers who disconnect, managers who have zero empathy, lots of accountability, a lack of accountability, too many decision making layers, polarization in decision-making, lack of clarity who is the ultimate decision maker, clarity on roles, lack of clarity on roles. This paradoxical state is what confuses employees and can easily move your leaders from empowerment to resignation.

Plus when an organization creates employee boundaries and then doesn’t stick to them, it just leaves employees with that old eye roll when you talk about getting things done and the efficient process of doing so.

Anyone can talk about being efficient and productive, however how do you do so when there are so many mixed messages, and mixed leadership styles that really impact you?

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While times of change can be tough, they can also be invigorating. People may be most open to doing things differently because they need to. Today especially we are all in this new world where staying the same is not possible especially if we want to be productive, focused and motivated. Creating a motivating environment is the job of every leader and it’s the work of every single one of us to find ways to self-generate. The benefit is we get to see new sides of ourselves, try on new ways of working and collaborate in ways we have not imagined. Momentum is contagious especially if you are excited and enlivened by your own progress.

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