6 Keys to Leading with Authenticity In Turbulent Times

No one could have foreseen a pandemic to be the impetus of authenticity. Last week I was on a group Zoom session and one of the people I was interviewing for an organizational assessment had his three year old daughter tugging on him for his time and attention. He apologized profusely as he moved her to the sofa to watch a kids show she loved. Even in another group session, one participant was hiking with her family in tow.

I’m Esther Weinberg, and I’m the Chief Leadership Development Officer and Founder of The Ready Zone.

Pre-COVID-19 you would have never had seen a child in your Zoom session, no less a family. Here we would all be looking quite professional from our offices, seemingly focused and not distracted (except of course for our emails ringing, text messages and Slack alerts coming in).

Now it’s warts and all, literally. You can’t help it as you are managing your family and your work all conveniently located in one space. Before, buffers would include your commute, an office, a caregiver and even a seamless background. When leading virtual sessions we literally get a sneak peek into your home. It’s as if we are all living a reality show full frontal to all of our workmates, clients and partners.

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As we share more of genuinely who we are, by nature of this sharing we invite others to do the same. And by doing such it taps into the fabric of our humanity. Perhaps coming out of COVID-19 we will know more of each other, appreciate each other, respect each other and create a safe space for us to express more of who we are.

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