Better, Faster, Stronger: 3 Keys to Team Success in a WFH World

Reorganizations are rampant. Teams have been merged, reconfigured and reorganized over the last 3 to 6 to 12 months, essentially since COVID began. If you are leading a team that’s new, or newly reorganized, or even if you’re new to the team, where do you begin to make sure that team is prepared for the future? How do you feel ready and powerful to take on all the opportunities and challenges that are in front of you?

It takes a few ingredients to ensure that a team is set up for success to weather any upcoming tumultuous storms – for people to feel positive, agile and nimble. Where do you begin?

First off, context is decisive. We can take a bunch of people, throw them together and say that they are a team but that is actually not true unless the people who are gathering together have a clear purpose of where they’re headed. That’s where a Vision Narrative comes in. It’s two-three paragraphs that describe an ideal picture, a future state, an ideal future state of where you are going as a division, as a department, as an organization. If you are going to create a Vision Narrative, it’s critical to use it as a tool to benchmark your level of success of how you are progressing.

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