Key Questions to Influence Anyone At Anytime

You might consider yourself a spontaneous person and someone who likes to go with the flow when it comes to influencing others. If you want to influence and influence in today’s changing times, it will take a bit of preparation. Preparation will forever change the way you boost your influence. I’m not saying it will take days to do so, taking even 5 minutes can shift an outcome.

Most times we don’t have a plan to influence. We have an idea and believe we can get other people to buy into it. That only works if they agree! If they don’t, then we are screwed. Especially if your visibility – your image with others or who you are looking to influence is wonky, well then forget it.

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When you move to influence, plan for it, prepare for it and if you get stuck go back and review the questions I shared with you today. Remember that preparation, openness and curiosity are the key ingredients to influencing.

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