Top 10 Ways to Inspire Your Team In Changing Times

Leading others is more than simply having a title and a team. It’s having the ability to inspire others to take action in spite of circumstances, to create momentum where there seemingly is none and to create the motivation needed to lead through shifting times.

Being an inspirational leader is no easy feat especially when you are managing people, looking to influence others to new ideas, and navigating people with different agendas, opinions and perspectives. When times change so fast it’s normal for those you lead to experience in one moment a burst of stimulation and in another a sea of resignation. Your role as an leader is to inspire, the question is, how?

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10)And finally, take GREAT care of YOU! Too often I see leaders not taking care of themselves. Their self-care suffers because they have determined, whether consciously or not, that the work matters more than they do. Your health comes first, your sanity is paramount, and your #1 job is ensuring your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. The only person who can guarantee this level of care is you. When you stay in bed when you have the flu, you are teaching yourself how to care for you. You are mentoring yourself toward success. When you go to see a health practitioner as soon as you sense something may be off, that’s taking great care of you. As you lead, people are watching to see how you lead and give back, and the first person to give back to is YOU.

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