Dancing In Distinctions The Key to Impactful Communication

In the work we do, sometimes we do a hybrid of coaching along with consulting, training, or mentoring. I have found that there’s a necessity for different disciplines depending on the situation and relationship, and even within a relationship with an individual, there may be times when they need a coach and times when they need a mentor or a consultant or a trainer. It’s important in such a situation to first, understand the difference between all of these modalities; and second, to have a clear understanding and language between the parties to define and communicate about what is happening at a given time. A person needs to know whether they’re being trained, coached, mentored, or consulted and they have to agree to which one you are moving into.

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When engaging in a development conversation it’s perfectly normal and practical to be “dancing in distinctions” – using multiple distinctions such as coaching, mentoring, training, etc. If leaders are engaged in advancing their people and modeling the behavior to which they want to see more of, then informing, educating and asking permission to utilize different distinctions is going to be critical to move them to their next level.

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