4 Simple Questions To Get You Grounded And Feeling Confident

So often I find today that people are saying that they’re stressed, overwhelmed, tired and activated. There’s so much work going on – being on the edge of burnout and being fried. The question is, what do you do in those actual moments, to take you from being activated to moving yourself to a place of calm?

We get so activated, how do you bring yourself down to center? And how do you so in a moment when it’s so crucial for you to be calm, and aware and awake in those moments – perhaps you’re in a meeting with someone says something that really sets you off. It could be in a moment when you’re doing some kind of work or writing a presentation. And all of a sudden, self-doubt creeps in, and then you’re down the rabbit hole of, I’m not good enough, this is gonna be terrible. I’m gonna make a mess of things. So how do you ground yourself? That’s what we’re really talking. How do you put ground under your feet? So you can feel like you can master whatever is happening around you.

I often find that in those moments asking myself four questions can help bring me back to center, grounding me so then from there I can create and be my best.

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