Team Pride: Qualities of Great Teams in a Hybrid World

What makes a great team? Why do some teams succeed while others fail? Teams that succeed well together operate with a unity of trust and vision, a clarity of goals, and a commitment to an overall purpose. Ask yourself, as a leader, do you provide these to your team?

The absence of these can cause any team to fail to succeed or to come together. Leaders creating teams should first ask themselves what their “team” means to them. Do you view your team as just a group of people working together, or who coordinate the same projects with one another? A unified team works together with a shared purpose, participates in making decisions, and can comfortably lean on one another to find synergetic opportunities to collaborate with one another. Those are a few of the elements of what makes a successful team.

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In considering your team, do a team audit. What qualities does your team possess? What is absent? How can you lean in on their strengths? How would you shore up or delegate the areas or opportunities of growth? While putting a team together may be quick, the development of growth and team culture takes time effort, and monitoring. The more you can create a team that is self-sustaining beyond you as the team leader, the more flexibility, nimbleness and success you, and your team, will enjoy.

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