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Announcing The Ready Zone

Good day to all! For the last year we have been going through a complete and beautiful rebranding process of MindLight Group and have now emerged as The Ready Zone. Through the rebranding process we have rebranded our cosmetic brand and our website from top to bottom....

The Future of the Entertainment Industry: Creating a Zone of Respect, Safety, and Trust

The Need for The Ready Zone is Now As the entertainment industry faces new streaming options, changing media consumption habits, technological innovations, and shifting consumer preferences, organizational leaders struggle how to remain competitive. And, yet, I argue...

David Letterman’s WOW Factor – His Legacy

On May 20, after more than 4,250 episodes, David Letterman, host of the Late Show with David Letterman, is stepping down. An iconic comedic leader whose career has spanned more than four decades, Letterman leaves behind a HUGE legacy. As an executive, can you say the...

Too Much Binging, Wait There’s More!

Hollywood Reporter shared that at a recent charitable dinner, actor Will McCormack confided to Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton that he’d recently binged through a Friday Night Lights season in 4 days.

Welcome to the binge! When consumers have the opportunity to watch multiple episodes of a series in one or many back-to-back viewings. Think Oreo cookie eating jam session in one swoop.