The COVID Burnout Factor: 7 Keys from Moving from Stress to Success

During times of mild to extreme change our focus, attention and motivation can get easily compromised and even burnout can also be at an all-time high. While you may be someone who has no issues with working and can plow through regardless of what’s going on around...

One STOP at A Time: How Saying No Gets More Things Done

Since COVID-19 began, work is seemingly on a fast paced cycle. Most people that I speak with say that they are working more hours than ever and are managing a staggering amount of priorities and initiatives. Not only has the workload grown, the level of “yessing” I...

Speaking Is Not Communicating: Strategies for Creating Impactful Messages

Just because people are speaking, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are communicating. Messaging is the combination of art + science and there are a few simple question that if answered, you can set up your key communication points up for success especially during times of change.

Nine Strategies for Building a Great Virtual Team

I’ve found that when teams come together there are several vital steps that get overlooked to create the context and the foundation for them to be an actual unit, working in alignment.