Executive Coaching

As a leader, your role is dynamic and constantly evolving—much like the organization you lead. You can’t lead tomorrow with the same approach, perspective, and skillset you use today. You must start operating in a new way.

Our Executive Coaching gives you the space to challenge old habits and explore new thinking. We’ll support you in seeing outside your role today to define new truths as you explore what’s possible—for you and for your organization.


Organizational Design

We get that when it comes to change within organizations, your people naturally think and act differently. Which is why our Organizational Design training focuses on the people side of change.

In fact, The Ready Zone demystifies change, making it easier for you, your team, and your organization to navigate and make effective, sustainable adjustments.


Leadership Development

Today’s business landscape demands a different type of leader: one who creates an environment of trust, respect and safety. One who navigates the complexity of advancing technology, keeps a diverse range of people connected and engaged, and drives teams toward greater innovation and growth.

The Ready Zone’s Leadership Development Programs are fully customizable learning and development experiences for teams—blending seminars, training, assessments, coaching, and mentoring to build leadership capacity and capability within your organization.


Corporate Training and Facilitation

Our Corporate Training & Facilitation revolutionizes the way typical facilitation is accomplished.  We meld both art and science by taking your group through a continual organic process of inquiry, which begins in a meeting setting and is the foundation to continue even outside of the group gathering.  With the method of discovering what works and building on that success, our facilitation process dismantles complex issues and provides access to practical and actionable next steps with a timeline, roles and responsibilities that are manageable and achievable for all involved.

Essentially, we offer corporate training and facilitation to dismantle complex issues, create meaningful dialogue, and cultivate substantive value from your executive meetings.


Keynote Speaking

Known for 20+ years of media industry expertise, Esther tackles the tough topics of leadership within an ever-changing environment in a powerful, engaging, and meaningful way that goes deep and command attention.

From the essentials of ‘pivot moments’ during uncertain times, to why building a sustainable company culture is beyond flextime and ping pong tables, Esther rolls-up-her sleeves with audiences, delivering transformative, practical tools and takeaways.


Training Programs

Training Program #1

Leadership Fundamentals

This introductory, 3-month training program provides a foundational framework of transformative leadership strategies and practical tools to assist your organization in navigating change, up-levelling culture, growing leadership capacity and building collaborative teamwork.

Training Program #2

Leadership Fast-Track

This interactive, accelerated 6-month training program delivers transformative leadership tools and strategies to create team alignment and accountability. Through an effective month-to-month platform, this program provides a safe environment to road-test your new ideas, as well as shift mindsets and perspectives to more successfully navigate change within your organization.

Training Program #3

Leadership Mastery

This 12-month immersive leadership experience provides a deep-dive into training, coaching and mentoring, including practical tools and strategies to instill total team accountability and drive positive shifts within your organization. Above all, this platform delivers a transformative framework to manage change and leverage innovation during uncertain times.

Training Program #4

Leadership & Ambassador Mastery

This deep-dive, 24-month development program combines:

  • Part 1:  An immersive and transformative leadership experience through training, mentoring and coaching, including practical tools and strategies to instill total team accountability and drive positive organizational shifts (12 months).
  • Part 2:  A comprehensive train-the-trainer program for ongoing internal implementation and sustainability (12 months).

Note:  Our Leadership Mastery Program is a prerequisite to the Ambassador program.

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