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#09 | The Transformative Power of Alignment: A Guide to Personal Fulfillment and Team Synergy for the Modern Leader.


In this episode of “Deeply, Simply Human,” we delve into the transformative power of alignment in both our personal and professional lives. Guided by insights from industry thought leaders like Gartner, we explore the era of the “Great Reflection,” where the quest for a deeper sense of purpose and community is reshaping the way we approach work and life. We unpack the intricacies of personal alignment, examining how self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and a clear vision of your legacy can set the stage for profound happiness and fulfillment.

The journey doesn’t stop at the individual level; we extend the conversation to team alignment, highlighting its role in enhancing collaboration, creativity, and overall effectiveness in any organizational setting. Whether you’re a leader striving to shepherd a cohesive team or an individual seeking more meaningful engagement in your role, this episode equips you with the tools and insights you need to make alignment your secret ingredient for success. Don’t miss this comprehensive guide that will set you on a path toward greater fulfillment and achievement, both personally and professionally.

#08 | Unpopular Conversations: 5 Key Steps to Having Difficult Conversations with More Ease


70% of employees avoid tough conversations with their boss, colleagues, and direct reports. There is a huge cost to not talking about what’s most difficult, there is an average of $7,500 per conversation lost in time and resources. 

Conversations today can be a powder keg of issues that can result in tough conversations – overwhelming workloads, insufficient balance of work, not enough people to handle the work, variances in technology savviness and use, generational differences, and a diverse workforce with varying cultural backgrounds. Resolving these and other issues often requires having conversations that may be difficult, tough, and uncomfortable. Join me as I reveal how to engage in conversations that are difficult, tough, and uncomfortable to create trust, respect, and safety. In this episode, I’ll share breakthrough ideas for not taking the conversation personally which will allow you to be more influential and impactful.

#07 | Unveiling Caregiving: Navigating Love, Pain, and Resilience.


The Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers conducted a study in 2021 which revealed that one in five full-time workers serves as family caregivers. Juggling multiple responsibilities in work and life strains individuals, particularly those bearing caregiving roles, leading to early departures from work, unexpected absences, compromised work quality, and even loss of income. In this episode, I open up about the profound journey of caregiving. As COVID blurred the lines between work and life, the spotlight on caregiving intensified.

Join me as I share stories of navigating this uncharted territory and offer insights gleaned from personal experiences. From shattered routines to unanticipated medical hurdles, explore how caregiving reshapes relationships and tests our emotional limits. In this candid and heartfelt episode, I unveil the dual nature of pain and humor, and the delicate dance between love and exhaustion. If you’ve been touched by the role of a caregiver, let’s navigate this path together.

#06 | How To Truly Be an Advocate of Diversity.


Communication is tough today since language is full of nuance and when you want to be an advocate of different genders, races, and ethnicities it can be challenging at best. Each of us were raised in families and cultures with our own particular set of values, experiences, and assessments of what it means to be a human being in this world having a human experience. That lens shapes how we think and perceive the world and the inherent actions we decide to take. Unless those lenses are examined and re-examined, it may be impossible to shift consciousness.

Join me in exploring with tangible steps how you as a leader, leading a diverse employee base who want to have a workplace that demonstrates equity, take impactful actions that match your positive intention.

#05 | Simple Recognition: Makes Big Strides in Employee Retention.


Employee recognition is the key to literally transforming employee retention, well-being, and profitability. Data shows that an employee who has been recognized is 63% more likely to stay at their current job within the next three to six months. From a survey of 1700 employees, 69% said that even better rewards and recognition would encourage them to stay. It is a basic human need to know we are doing a great job and yet many organizations put this key strategic imperative on the back burner. Even if leaders provide recognition, 53% say it’s not authentic or equitable.

Join me as I explore why is employee recognition the missing link to having your valued employees remain at your organization and key strategies for ensuring your most valued resource is honored and appreciated. Enjoy!

#04 | Communication: The Keys to Making an Impact with Anyone at Anytime.


Communication is easy to request and tough to deliver. Join me as I share how to create powerful messages for diverse audiences, especially in times of change when communication is needed most. Through sharing eight key elements, you will discover practical and pragmatic steps for creating messages that are impactful, motivating, transparent, and have the ability to create quick momentum. (You can thank me later….enjoy!)

#03 | Legacy: How We LIVE Today Is More Important Than What We Will Leave Behind Tomorrow with Esther Weinberg.


The concept of legacy seems massive to most. If we don’t have our name on the wall of a building or the wing of a hospital, our legacy may seem elusive. True legacy is not what we leave behind, it’s something we live each day whether we know it or not and it can be designed and created right here and now. Join me as I share my personal journey of discovering my legacy through my family and lineage and how you too can design your legacy and how it can be a context for your work and life. By illustrating the steps of designing your legacy, I will share a blueprint that when followed can create a roadmap for your work and life. Enjoy!

#02 | Boundaries: The Way We Teach People to Treat Us.


Explore with me the important yet taboo world of boundaries – what they are and how they can serve us in better leading by discovering and unlocking what is most important for us in how we teach people to treat us. You will discover the key barriers to setting boundaries, why we as humans step over our own boundaries, and how to enlist others in honoring our boundaries with us. A pivotal episode to help you create more joy and peace of mind in your life. Enjoy!

#01 | Reality Check: How to Move Through Change with Greater Ease with Esther Weinberg.


Welcome to the Deeply Simply Human Podcast. In this first episode, I share what this podcast is all about, why I am passionate about it, and most importantly, what value you will gain from listening. The focus of this episode is about how we, as humans, see the world through a lens and yet oftentimes we don’t know that we are seeing through a lens. Through a formula of discerning facts, interpretations, and impact, you will leave understanding how to implement a renewed choice that has you produce even greater results than previously imagined. Enjoy!

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