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#03 | Legacy: How We LIVE Today Is More Important Than What We Will Leave Behind Tomorrow with Esther Weinberg.


The concept of legacy seems massive to most. If we don’t have our name on the wall of a building or the wing of a hospital, our legacy may seem elusive. True legacy is not what we leave behind, it’s something we live each day whether we know it or not and it can be designed and created right here and now. Join me as I share my personal journey of discovering my legacy through my family and lineage and how you too can design your legacy and how it can be a context for your work and life. By illustrating the steps of designing your legacy, I will share a blueprint that when followed can create a roadmap for your work and life. Enjoy!

#02 | Boundaries: The Way We Teach People to Treat Us.


Explore with me the important yet taboo world of boundaries – what they are and how they can serve us in better leading by discovering and unlocking what is most important for us in how we teach people to treat us. You will discover the key barriers to setting boundaries, why we as humans step over our own boundaries, and how to enlist others in honoring our boundaries with us. A pivotal episode to help you create more joy and peace of mind in your life. Enjoy!

#01 | Reality Check: How to Move Through Change with Greater Ease with Esther Weinberg.


Welcome to the Deeply Simply Human Podcast. In this first episode, I share what this podcast is all about, why I am passionate about it, and most importantly, what value you will gain from listening. The focus of this episode is about how we, as humans, see the world through a lens and yet oftentimes we don’t know that we are seeing through a lens. Through a formula of discerning facts, interpretations, and impact, you will leave understanding how to implement a renewed choice that has you produce even greater results than previously imagined. Enjoy!

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