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From the essentials of ‘pivot moments’ during uncertain times, to why building a sustainable company culture is beyond employee flextime and ping pong tables, Esther rolls-up-her-sleeves with audiences on the who/what/why of how people come first by creating an environment built on trust, respect and safety.

Esther’s Top Keynote


How to reframe, refocus
and realign your
leadership in
a transparent,
24/7 world.

Welcome to the new world of media: merger mania, emerging powerhouse companies, and legacy companies selling off valuable assets. As CEOs scramble to manage change, leaders are le behind asking themselves, “How do I stay relevant? And how do I move forward with my team and my organization?”

The surprising, yet critical formula for organizations to adapt effectively—and quickly—is to create an environment of trust, respect and safety. When leaders are 100% committed to cultivating this methodology, they create an engaged, powerful and profitable workplace culture called The Ready Zone.

In this highly interactive and engaging session, Esther reveals practical, actionable strategies, including:


How to analyze the common mistakes that derail organizations from staying relevant and powerful.


The three key ways to rise to lead in any situation, regardless of people and circumstances.


How to start creating The Ready Zone in your organization using Zone Performance Indicators (ZPIs) to measure success

Business is constricting and expanding all the time. Being ready is no longer a luxury, it’s a business imperative.

Esther’s high-impact presentations are perfect for:

Leadership keynotes for organizations

Break-out sessions on managing change

Women’s leadership conferences

Media and technology trainings

Employee resource groups

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