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From the essentials of ‘pivot moments’ during uncertain times, to why building a sustainable company culture is beyond employee flextime and ping pong tables, Esther rolls-up-her-sleeves with audiences on the who/what/why of how people come first by creating an environment built on trust, respect and safety.

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Pivot Ready:
How To Thrive Through Change
You Did Not Ask For

Before COVID-19, studies reported that 77% of companies were ill-prepared to deal with anticipated business disruption, 1/3 of senior leaders report feeling extremely burned out and $900 billion is wasted on failed transformation efforts each year. Organizations were struggling with reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions and fast-paced technology that’s moved everything faster than we have ever imagined.

Then the pandemic began and instantly organizations, teams and leaders were thrown into seismic changes that continue to cascade. No one asked for a global pandemic and yet leaders, teams and organizations are now thrown into a vortex of change that you didn’t ask for and seemingly still coming. It’s no surprise that leaders, organizations and teams are struggling now more than ever.

Organizations need to propel themselves forward dynamically and how do you as a leader do that with a workforce that’s challenged to keep focused, engaged and in action? The ability to capitalize on “Pivot Moments,” your ability to move dynamically and nimbly, is the secret to having the ability to reframe, refocus and realign your leadership during times of change. While the industry, your organization and team are moving through constant disruptions, the opportunity now as a leader is how do you think different and act differently instead of leaning on old paradigms and filters of how we view the world, our business and colleagues.

Join leadership expert Esther Weinberg as she reveals how to succeed and thrive through change that you did not ask for including such practical strategies as:


Discover a simple three-step diagnostic tool to move you from reactive to proactive to create greater resilience.


Identify where you are in the change cycle and how to move yourself and your team more intentionally through them to be more productive and engaged.


Discover the one key common roadblock that will derail you quickly and how to overcome it rapidly and effectively.


Even when the pandemic leaves, digital technologies will still be permanently impacting business – increasing change, pouring opportunities in and making enormous risks seem to appear instantly. If you want to stay relevant, innovative creative and successful, it’s faster achieved by becoming masterful at creating “Pivot Moments.”

*Available as a workshop, webinar, podcast interview, or virtual summit.


How To Virtually Unlock Your
Team’s Hidden Potential Through
The Velocity Of Change

COVID-19 has seismically impacted teams and organizations throwing everyone into a time of intense and extreme change, even doubling and tripling workloads. Staying focused and engaged is challenging when team members are running their work and lives from their new home office which could be their closet, bedroom or garage. Unlocking your team’s potential can be compromised as well as their performance, creativity, decision-making, attentional-capacity and growing key relationships.

During times of change, while some team members may leap forward in taking on new challenges and opportunities, others may get left behind as they are stuck in fear and may be tough to move. Maintaining mindset and momentum is critical now more than ever for teams to thrive especially in times of change that’s both planned and unplanned. Times of disruption lead to opportunity if you as the team leader, know how to unlock your team’s hidden potential. While teaming virtually may not have been intended, if teams and team leaders lean into the endless possibilities that partnering virtually provides, you will find a wellspring of opportunities at your doorstep.

In this highly interactive and engaging session, Esther shares how to unlock your team’s hidden potential by revealing how to:


Develop a powerful Team Commitment that serves as the “glue” to foster collaboration, engagement and motivation regardless of circumstances.


Create an “Impact Guide” of how to work together and interact especially during times of conflict and change.


Discover and redefine the role of team leader as the Chief Inspiration Officer, the one who is the key motivator and champion of the team even remotely.


Master the qualities to foster in your team members to engender trust, respect and safety.


Your team’s trauma, anxieties and fears will not go away simply because they are working. This session is a powerful way for team leaders to unlock your team’s hidden potential, to reframe, refocus and realign their leadership to uplevel their skills, attitudes and behaviors especially moving them positively through the next few months and beyond.

*Available as a workshop, webinar, podcast interview, or virtual summit.


Invisible Influence:
3 Hidden Forces That Empowers
Extraordinary Growth During
Turbulent & Uncertain Times

As organizations have become more matrixed, influencing and communicating your ideas have become more complicated. Add in working from home, video conferencing sessions, newly reorganized teams, the latest addition of leaders with new or unclear roles and responsibilities and a lack of spontaneous hallway interactions, getting visibility today could be nearly impossible. The old formulas for how to get your ideas through and influence across the organization have been permanently altered.

Change and disruption have impacted everything and becoming an expert in inspiring people to fresh ideas and cross-functional partnering is vital to thriving in this new environment. Influencing is more nuanced today, and there are so many more people and concealed stakeholders who now have to buy into an idea. The paradox is to reveal your opportunity to influence the key is being visible. Being visible affords you the opportunity to have influence with the right people at the right times. Visibility is the key leadership currency today that unlocks influence into inspiring and making an impact.

Join leadership expert Esther Weinberg as she reveals the hidden forces that empower extraordinary growth during turbulent and uncertain times including:


Master developing connections and inroads quickly with influencers.


Identifying your mutual “Passion Centers” to hone in on your common ground to get your voice heard.


Develop strategies for gaining influence with those who seemingly have more power and authority than you.


Increase your impact even with those who share a contrarian view.


Your level of influence won’t dynamically increase simply because you are present in virtual meetings or doing your work. If you want to have influence you must be visible. Being masterful at growing your visibility, knowing where the power dynamics lie in your organization and having the ability to create connections and inroads quickly with people that have influence is where you can create more leverage for yourself regardless if you work in an office or connect virtually.

*Available as a workshop, webinar, podcast interview, or virtual summit.

Business is constricting and expanding all the time. Being ready is no longer a luxury, it’s a business imperative.

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