The Ready Zone

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Unified, inspired and powerful organizations operate in The Ready Zone.

After 20+ years of working with organizations in the media and technology industries, I have observed that when leaders cultivate and nurture a high level of alignment, especially during chaotic and uncertain times, they deliberately—and intentionally—create an engaged, powerful and profitable workplace culture despite of change or unforeseeable circumstances.

And by extension, when these organizations operate with a mindset whereby valuing one another is not only a high priority, it’s as “measured” and valued as the bottom line, they are operating in what I define as The Ready Zone. An environment in which the leader, the team, the employees, and the organization as a whole, are 100% committed to people feeling valued for who they are, their contribution, their humanity, and the value they bring to the table by being themselves. And this is exponentially more important in a virtual environment. Creating this culture facilitates leaders to step into being ready to powerfully take on the opportunities and challenges in front of them.

Through executive coaching and a series of comprehensive change management programs, Ready Zone leaders are empowered to elevate 6 key Zone Performance Indicators (ZPIs).

The 6 Zone Performance

Indicators (ZPIs):

1. Pivot-Ready

Change is inevitable; being ready for it is not optional. Being Pivot-Ready means cultivating a level of resilience in your organization by taking responsibility for how we view change, executing, adjusting accordingly, anticipating what’s next, and teaching through effective communication. Ultimately, being Pivot-Ready and facilitating change and “buy-in” at all levels of your organization revolves around trust and teamwork.

2. Action-Ready

When you and the other leaders in your organization are Action-Ready, you have a strong sense of purpose. You develop strong boundaries and base decisions on daily moments and how they add up to create your legacy. And you are dedicated to developing a high level of emotional intelligence, allowing you to be decisive while considering others thoughts, opinions and ideas.

3. Influence-Ready

Regardless of title or role, influence is the measure of leadership. Developing a strong degree of influence revolves around your ability to achieve a high level of visibility and alignment, while building sustainable, healthy relationships. You and the leaders in your organization need to be Influence-Ready to ensure you have skills—and have earned the right—to inspire others.

4. Connect-Ready

Communication—including our words, the way that we say them, and what we convey nonverbally—is one of the most vital essentials of leadership. Being Connect-Ready means having the skills to take on tough conversations, delivering feedback clearly and effectively. It means being consistent with our communication, taking responsibility for what we say and the ripple effect of how it lands.

5. Impact-Ready

When teams are aligned and in sync, they are Impact-Ready and can take on any challenge. And as leaders, when you clearly understanding the impact you are having on teams with your mindset, thoughts and actions, you too are Impact-Ready. You examine situations through the empowering lens of trust, respect and safety, ensuring you are consistently developing and rewarding strong teams.

6. Culture-Ready

A thriving, Culture-Ready organization is one in which people are being coached and mentored to be their best—and bring out the best—in others. The Ready Zone teaches proven mentoring models and techniques to establish boundaries, nurture meaningful connection, and appreciate contribution. This fosters an environment of respect and inevitably, your entire workforce is devoted to giving back to the organization.

Reframe, Refocus, Realign

The degree to which these ZPIs are implemented, nurtured and measured—using The Ready Zone’s 3-R Approach: Reframe, Refocus and Realign—is the degree to which an organization stays creative, innovative and profitable. These ZPIs are the foundation to which trust, respect and safety is cultivated and grown.

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