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The Zone Performance Indicators Evaluation.

Unified, inspired and powerful organizations assess from and operate in The Ready Zone.

The Ready Zone® is an impactful innovative leadership framework designed to propel executives in high-growth media and technology industries to reframe, refocus and realign to thrive with change.

The foundation of this framework is the six Zone Performance Indicators (ZPIs) that when implemented and utilized consistently, is a potent diagnostic measurement for leaders, teams and organizations. The result is profitable growth and resilient leaders, teams and organization with the nimbleness and dexterity to ready and powerfully take on the opportunities and challenges unfolding constantly.

The Zone Performance Indicators Evaluation is a pathway to evaluate how you, your team and your organization is performing in each of the Zones. Once you begin to see which areas need most attention, the potential for raising up your organization is unlimited.

The six Zone Performance Indicators
are defined as:


Pivot Ready — Mastering change and cultivating resilience in your organization. Take your team from fatigued and overwhelmed by change to resilient and ready.


Action Ready — Developing your legacy, boundaries and emotional agility. Take your team from burnout to engaged and inspired.


Influence Ready — Developing influence through visibility and alignment while building sustainable relationships. Take your team from invisible to influential.


Connect Ready — Fostering consistency in communication, feedback, engaging in tough conversations and taking responsibility for the impact of our communication. Take your team from unclear communication, expectations and feedback avoidance to open, candid and transparent.


Impact Ready — Growing and developing powerful teams. Take your team from the emergencies of the day to working on what’s truly vital to move the business forward.


Culture Ready — Building your organization based on coaching and mentoring to bring out the best in everyone. Take your organization from silos and insular work to intentionally and consistently helping upleveling each other’s performance and giving back.

Better Leaders.
Better People.
Better Results.

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